29 more Myanmar soldiers fled and reached Mizoram.

Aizawl, November 16 (Language) After the capture of a military camp in the neighboring country Myanmar by an anti-junta group, 29 more soldiers fled from there and reached Mizoram. A senior police officer gave this information.

A total of 74 Myanmar army personnel have fled to Mizoram following the recent exchange of fire with the People’s Defense Force (PDF). However, many of these soldiers have been sent back.

“Today, 29 more soldiers contacted the police and Assam Rifles at Saikhumphai in Champhai district near Tiau river, which operates along the international border between India and Myanmar,” Inspector General of Police (Headquarters) Lalbiakathanga Khyangte told PTI. “

He told that they have fled here from their camp located in Tuibual of Chin State of Myanmar, a few kilometers away from the international border.

An Assam Rifles official said that these 29 Myanmar soldiers have still not been sent back to their country.

An official said that 45 of the soldiers who fled from the neighboring country were handed over to the Myanmar military government on Tuesday.

India on Thursday called for an end to the fighting between the Myanmar army and anti-junta groups along the international border, which has increased the influx of Myanmar people into Mizoram.

Since the military seized power in a coup in February 2021, widespread protests have been taking place in Myanmar demanding the restoration of democracy.

Myanmar’s military has been carrying out airstrikes against its opponents and those involved in the armed struggle against the ruling regime.

Myanmar is one of India’s strategic neighbors and shares a 1,640-km border with several north-eastern states, including insurgency-hit Nagaland and Manipur.

More than 31,000 people have taken refuge in Mizoram since February 2021 after the military regime in Myanmar was overthrown in a coup.

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