Afghan citizens leaving Pakistan are facing shortage of food and water.

Islamabad, Nov 5 (AP) Afghan nationals leaving Pakistan to avoid arrest and deportation are facing extreme hardships after crossing the border due to lack of basic necessities like food, water, proper shelter and toilets and are facing open lockdown. I am forced to sleep. Support groups gave this information on Sunday.

Millions of Afghan citizens have left Pakistan in recent weeks. The Pakistani government is taking utmost strict action to expel the foreigners living illegally in the country and the officials are going door-to-door and checking the documents of the migrants.

Pakistan had set October 31 as the deadline for Afghan citizens to leave the country, failing which they would be arrested under the new anti-migration crackdown.

Afghan citizens are leaving Pakistan by crossing the border from Torkham and Chaman areas. The Taliban have set up camps on the other side to house these people while they wait to go to their places of origin in Afghanistan.

Aid groups said there is no proper arrangement to accommodate the returnees in Torkham. There is not enough drinking water, no electricity and no toilets. There is a lot of filth there due to people defecating in the open.

UN agencies and aid groups are setting up camps with basic facilities for the thousands of people entering Afghanistan every day.

AP Ravi Kant Prashant


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