Akshardham temple in America is a symbol of values ​​of service and devotion: American Congressman.

(Lalit K. Jha)

Washington, November 6 (Language) An American lawmaker has said that the newly constructed Akshardham temple in America is a symbol of the values ​​of service and devotion.

MP Jeff Van Drew said this in the US House of Representatives. “This project exemplifies volunteerism, personal development and universal values ​​that transcend religious boundaries,” he said. It is a symbol of unity, service and devotion, which reflects the core principles shared by people across the world.”

“Today, I am sharing an inspiring story of dedication and unity around the construction of a magnificent Hindu temple in central New Jersey that embodies the values ​​of service and devotion,” he said.

It is claimed to be the largest Hindu temple in the West and took 12,500 volunteers to complete its construction.

Bhoomipujan of the temple was done on October 8. It is being built from marble and limestone.

He said the temple in Robbinsville is one of several built by BAPS, a worldwide religious and civil organization of the Swaminarayan sect.

“It is a reminder of the common values ​​that bind humanity together, inspiring us to embrace unity, service and devotion in our lives,” Drew said.

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