At least 10 people died in gold mine collapse in Suriname.

Paramaribo, November 21 (AP) At least 10 people died in the collapse of an illegal gold mine in the South American country Suriname on Monday. The officers provided this information.

He said military officers, policemen and rescue teams have been rushed to the mine site which is located in the southern rural area of ​​the country.

Authorities said the miners were believed to have built their own tunnels in search of gold, a common occurrence in Suriname.

It is not yet known what caused the mine collapse.

President Chan Santokhi said there was still a lot of uncertainty about the incident. “It is important that we have now brought the situation under control,” Santokhi said.

Santokhi was attending a government budget meeting at the time of the incident, but felt compelled to say that “something sinister is happening.”




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