At least 157 people died due to earthquake in Nepal, thousands of people slept outside as many houses were damaged.

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Kathmandu, November 5 (AP) Thousands of people in the mountainous villages of the northwestern part of the country braved the harsh cold on Saturday night, despite the severe cold, due to the earthquake in Nepal that killed at least 157 people and damaged or destroyed a large number of houses. Had to sleep outside on the streets.

Due to the sudden earthquake in Nepal on Friday night, most of the houses in the villages of Jajarkot district either collapsed or were seriously damaged, while some concrete houses in the towns were damaged.

Lal Bahadur Bika, a resident of Chiuri village, said, pointing to the bodies wrapped in white clothes of 13 people killed in the earthquake, “We are waiting for the last rites of the bodies of those killed in our villages and in the earthquake.” Trying to take care of the injured people.

These bodies are to be cremated on Sunday morning. Many houses have collapsed in Chiuri village.

People used plastic sheets and old clothes to keep themselves warm at night. Many people are unable to retrieve their belongings from under the debris of their collapsed houses.

Rescue workers are struggling to provide immediate aid, but many mountain villages can only be reached on foot, hampering operations. Roads have also been blocked due to landslides caused by the earthquake. Soldiers can be seen trying to clear blocked roads.

The country’s Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Qazi Shrestha said on Saturday that the government is trying to provide assistance to the affected areas. Tents, food and medicines have been sent as thousands of people were left homeless overnight.

Bimal Kumar Karki, who was among the injured admitted in the regional hospital, said, “I was in deep sleep when suddenly everything started shaking violently.” I tried to run away but my entire house collapsed. I tried to run away but half my body got buried under the debris.

“I screamed, but all my neighbors were in a similar situation and were shouting for help,” Karki said. It took about half an hour to an hour for the rescue workers to reach me.”

Tika Ram Rana, another person admitted in the hospital, said, “I was sleeping when around 10-11 pm, everything started shaking and the house caved in.” Many houses collapsed and many people were buried under the debris.

Along with providing assistance to people, rescue workers are also searching for survivors in the debris.

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