Aviation Ministry and DGCA will investigate the complaint received from former pilot against Air India

New Delhi, November 3 (Language) The Civil Aviation Ministry and the DGCA will investigate the complaint lodged against Air India by a former senior pilot alleging that the airline flew a Boeing 777 aircraft to the US without making necessary arrangements for emergency oxygen supply. Operated 777 aircraft.

The pilot, who served as B777 commander, had filed a complaint in this regard with the ministry and DGCA on October 29.

According to sources, the pilot said in the complaint that Air India is operating flights on leased B777 aircraft, which have a chemically generated oxygen system, which lasts for about 12 minutes, hence it is used in San Francisco. Should not be used for direct company flights to and from.

The complaint states that the airline should have kept in mind that in the event of a pressurization emergency, there should be adequate supply of oxygen to the crew and passengers for a period not exceeding 12 minutes. DGCA norms have also been cited in the complaint.

A senior government official said on Friday that the ministry and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will investigate the complaint received against Air India.

An Air India spokesperson said, “The matter in question is multi-faceted and has already been investigated by Air India and external experts. “We do not wish to comment on this specific matter, but would like to reiterate that the safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority and cannot be compromised.”

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