Ban on production, distribution and sale of food with Halal certification with immediate effect, case registered

Lucknow, November 18 (Language) Taking a decisive step against the illegal issuance of ‘Halal Certificate’, the Uttar Pradesh government on Saturday issued an order banning the production, storage, distribution and sale of food products with Halal certification with immediate effect. Have put. This information was given in an official statement.

Earlier, the police registered a case here against a company and some other organizations for allegedly playing with the religious sentiments of people to increase sales by providing Halal certificates to customers of a particular religion.

This case was registered at Hazratganj police station on Friday on the complaint of Shailendra Kumar Sharma, resident of Motijheel Colony in Aishbagh, Lucknow.

According to the statement, the case has been registered under sections 120B (offence of criminal conspiracy), 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion), 298 (uttering words with intent to hurt religious feelings) of the Indian Penal Code. Registered under sections 384 (extortion), 420 (fraud), 471 (using fake document as genuine) and 505 (statements designed to fool people).

The Uttar Pradesh government said in a statement that an FIR has been lodged against Chennai-based Halal India Private Limited, Delhi-based Jamiat Ulama Hind Halal Trust, Mumbai-based Halal Council of India, Mumbai-based Jamiat Ulama Maharashtra.

Quoting the FIR, it was said that these companies and organizations are preparing fake certificates and issuing Halal certificates not only for financial gain but also by increasing social disharmony.

Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind Halal Trust termed the allegations as ‘baseless’. It said in a statement that it would “take the necessary legal measures to counter such misinformation.”

“In response to the baseless allegations aimed at tarnishing our image, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Halal Trust will take necessary legal steps against such misinformation,” Niaz Ahmed Farooqui of Jamiat Ulema Hind Halal Trust said in a statement on Saturday. . It is important to clear up the misconceptions surrounding Halal certification.”

The statement also said, “The certification process at Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind Halal Trust is in line with the requirements of manufacturers for both export purposes and domestic distribution in India. The global demand for Halal certified products is strong and it is mandatory for Indian companies to obtain such certification, a fact also specified by our Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.”

It adds, “It is also a matter of preference of individuals and manufacturers who prefer this type of certification to their satisfaction based on the certificates obtained by the certification authorities. This saves a large number of consumers from using products which they do not want for various reasons hence this certification ensures availability of need based products in the market.”

The organization said that those who do not want to use such products are free not to use them.

“Halal certification is an important economic activity that benefits our country,” she said. This is a requirement not only for importing countries but also for tourists visiting India, especially those looking for Halal certified products during their stay, as per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (dated April 6, 2023). Underlined by.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Uttar Pradesh unit spokesperson Harishchandra Srivastava told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ that “The Halal Certificate which the Halal Council of India is issuing is completely illegal, illegal and there are many cases against it.” Have also been registered.”

He said, “Government organizations have also filed petitions. Only the Food Safety Certification Authority has the right to issue certificates regarding food items, which issues certificates regarding food items, in such a situation, this institution which is issuing Halal certificate is completely objectionable, it is against Immediate action should also be taken and I demand that it should be banned immediately and action should be taken against them.”

The BJP leader said, “Those who were running a big racket by creating a parallel system, now the government has taken steps in this direction and they will be exposed.”

At the same time, the complainant has said that this is being done in an attempt to reduce the sales of the products of other companies which do not have Halal certificates, which is illegal.

It is feared that this illegal earning is being used to finance terrorist organizations and anti-national activities. Interestingly, there is no need for Halal certificate for vegetarian products like oil, soap, toothpaste and honey, but by issuing Halal certificate for these products, a particular community and its products are being targeted.

The complainant alleges that under the guise of religion, unrestrained propaganda is being spread among a particular section of the society to not use such products which have not been given Halal certificate by their company. As a result, the business interests of other communities are being harmed.

In this way, a malicious attempt is being made to earn unfair financial benefits by issuing Halal certificates even on items meant for use by common citizens.

The complainant has also expressed the apprehension of the said people earning undue profits of crores of rupees and ‘funding’ terrorist organizations and anti-national activities.

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