Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seen on the cover of ‘Time’

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Washington, November 4 (Language) Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who made it to the cover page of America’s prestigious magazine ‘Time’, said in an interview that it is difficult to remove her government through the democratic system.

Elections are to be held in Bangladesh in January 2024.

According to excerpts of the interview released by the magazine, Hasina said, “I believe that my people are with me… They are my main strength… It is not so easy to remove me through the democratic system… The only option is to eliminate me and I am ready to die for my people.”

The New York-based news organization reported that Hasina has been featured on the cover of the magazine’s November 20 edition. This version will go on sale on November 10.

Time’s Charlie Campbell cover story states, “At 76…Bangladesh’s prime minister represents a political vision that has transformed the country of 170 million from a rural jute producer to one of Asia-Pacific’s fastest growing economies.” Changed the economy.

“In office since 2009, following an earlier term from 1996 to 2001, she is the longest-serving female head of state in the world, and has been criticized by resurgent Islamists and at one time The intervening army is credited with cutting off the wings of both.

Campbell wrote, “Hasina, who has won elections more times than Margaret Thatcher or Indira Gandhi, is determined to remain in office in January as well.”

It reads, “….Hasina has faced 19 assassination attempts over the years. In recent months, supporters of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) have clashed with security forces, resulting in hundreds of arrests, police vehicles and government buses being set on fire and several deaths. BNP has pledged to boycott the elections like in 2014 and 2018 until Hasina hands over power to a caretaker government to conduct elections.

According to the cover story titled “Sheikh Hasina and the future of democracy in Bangladesh”, the country has taken an authoritarian stance under Hasina’s rule under her Awami League party. The US and the European Union had condemned the last two elections in the country over “major irregularities”.

“Today, two-time former Prime Minister and BNP leader Khaleda Zia is seriously ill under house arrest on suspected corruption charges,” the magazine wrote. Meanwhile, 40 lakh legal cases are registered against BNP activists while independent journalists and civil society also complain of harassment due to reprisal actions. Critics say that the coronation of Chuna in January is tantamount to Hasina becoming a dictator.


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