Betting game of CM House is the first case in the country – Amar, read full news

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Betting game of CM House is the first case in the country – Amar

Bilaspur- The working style of Bilaspur Congress leaders and public representatives has made self-interest the ultimate religion by putting standards like political correctness, social values ​​and transparency in the wastebasket. The revelation of Congress Mayor Ramsharan Yadav is the most disgusting face of Bilaspur politics, which has exposed the real face of Congress, which is full of greed, deception and fraud.
Bilaspur Mayor Ram Charan Yadav’s action against Congress has turned milk into water. In the audio released, the Mayor has candidly admitted that the Bilaspur MLA has bought the ticket for Rs 4 crore. MLAs are of no use) In 5 years, no amount was given for the development of the city out of Rs 20 crores of MLA fund. By giving grants to private and social organizations only, 50% was distributed and 50% was taken back as commission.
It is also ahead of the MLA of the city in taking false credit. It is a good thing that NTPC Railway Zone does not start asking for votes by claiming it as its own work. BJP candidate Amar Aggarwal, after meeting personally and discussing with various social groups, congratulated the Diwali festival and urged them to bless the BJP. Addressing the party members’ meeting late in the evening, he said, all the workers moved forward with commitment, collective effort and accountability.
BJP’s 15 years were full of trust, progress and reconstruction of Chhattisgarh. A model was laid to make Chhattisgarh the best by planning to meet the needs of the future generation by rationally exploiting agriculture, industry, irrigation, public welfare, service sector, forest resources and forest resources, but as soon as the rapacious Congress government came to power, Chhattisgarh Was put under the burden of debt.
In the process of scam, the betting game of CM House while in power has never happened before in the country. In the last five years, the Congress government has only exploited farmers, poor, laborers and other classes. Red tape, dictatorship, open looting are the achievements of the Congress government. The Government of Chhattisgarh does not trust the investigating agencies of the Government of India and the state agencies have been engaged in speculation and extortion instead of providing services.
BJP leader Amar Aggarwal, while wishing Dhanteras and Diwali, urged the people of the city and state to take the resolution journey of development to the fulfillment of faith by voting in favor of Bharatiya Janata Party on this Diwali. On this occasion, District President Ramdev Kumawat, Gulshan Rishi and officials of Bharatiya Janata Party were present.

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