BJP released separate manifesto for Surguja, tendu leaf collection rate 5,500, bonus 4,500 rupees.. public again has expectations from BJP, there is anger about the present government – Nitin Nabin

For the assembly elections, a separate manifesto was issued for Surguja in the presence of Chhattisgarh BJP co-in-charge Nitin Nabin and former Rajya Sabha MP Ram Vichar Netam, BJP National Minister Dr. Asha Lakra, divisional election in-charge MLA Anant Ojha and BJP District President Lalan Pratap Singh. . After releasing the manifesto, while addressing the press conference at Hotel Purple Orchid Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh co-in-charge Nitin Nabin along with former MP Ram Vichar Netam said that there is anger among the people about the present government, the public again has expectations from the BJP. A separate manifesto has been brought from Surguja’s point of view in which he said that we will give tendu leaf collection rate and bonus. Tendu leaves will be collected at Rs 5,500 per standard bag. Collection will be increased to 15 days from the existing number of days. Apart from this, a bonus of up to Rs 4,500 will be given to the collectors. Charanpaduka and other facilities will be provided again. It was also said that every tribal family of the state will be given 2 goats to increase the livelihood. Apart from this, Harra, Sal seeds, Tamarind, Tamarind seeds and The collection rate of tamarind flowers will be increased, apart from this, bonus and other incentives will also be ensured for the collectors of these forest produce. In addition to the commission, Phad Munshis will be given an annual honorarium of Rs 25,000. 5 lakh forest rights leases will be distributed for the welfare of the tribals, as soon as the government is formed, the first In the cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister will allocate funds to complete the construction of 18 lakh houses pending under the Housing Scheme and will provide drinking water to every house in Chhattisgarh within 2 years. By starting ‘Rani Durgavati Yojana’ in the state, BPL Will issue an assurance certificate of Rs 1,50,000 on the birth of a girl child of this category. Will give gas cylinders for Rs 500 to women from poor families. On the lines of AIIMS in the division, Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences and IIT in every Lok Sabha constituency. Will build Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology on the lines of Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology. Apart from this, announcements regarding 6 other points were also made in the resolution letter.

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