BJP workers conference: Told Congress that the government is of non-promise, misgovernance and corruption, accused of PSC scam will not be spared, will be punished as soon as the government is formed – Vyjayant Panda, read full news

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BJP workers’ conference: Told Congress that the government is of non-promise, misgovernance and corruption, the accused of PSC scam will not be spared, they will be punished as soon as the government is formed.

Bilaspur – Addressing the workers’ conference of Beltara Assembly, BJP’s National Vice President in-charge of Delhi and Assam state Vyjayant Panda said that during the five years of Congress government in Chhattisgarh, it has fallen victim to non-promise, misgovernance and corruption. This government has set new records of corruption. By falsely promising unemployment allowance to lakhs of youth of the state, important examinations like PSS were rigged and a cruel joke was made with the future of lakhs of youth. Being a responsible officer of the organization, I want to assure the youth of Chhattisgarh that As soon as BJP government is formed in the state, the culprits of PSC scam will be behind bars.

Taking aim at the Congress government over the liquor scam, Vyjayant Panda said that the way Delhi government ignored the government rules and committed corruption worth crores of rupees in liquor, they forgot that there is Narendra Modi government at the center and the result was that today Three ministers of the government have been in jail for months on corruption charges. The Supreme Court is refusing to grant them bail. It is rejecting their bail applications. Now that day is not far. As soon as the BJP government is formed in Chhattisgarh, all the accused will be brought under the law. Will be in JD’s control.

Chhattisgarh’s election co-in-charge, former Bihar state minister Nitin Naveen, while targeting the Congress government of the state, said that the government which played a disgusting joke with the young talents of the state, played with the sentiments of mothers and sisters and took false oaths on the sacred Ganga water. The people of the state are ready to teach a lesson to such a corrupt and useless government that has committed a great sin and has forced the poor of the state to live under open roofs for five years and withheld 16 lakh houses meant for the poor due to their low political ambitions. Seeing the loss of power, this government is masquerading as a housing scheme; it has become so degenerate that it is not shying away from committing scams even in the name of mother cow.

Former minister Amar Aggarwal said that as soon as the Congress government came to power in the state, there has been a huge increase in criminal incidents. Heinous criminal incidents will be found taking up space in daily newspapers, stabbings, looting, murders, illegal occupation of lands, all these are flourishing under the protection of the government. This Bilaspur is an island of peace, it is being criminalized in a planned manner.

Beltara MLA Rajneesh Kumar Singh said that this government has completely failed on development issues. We will have to reach out to the people regarding the failure of such government. We all the workers will have to work considering ourselves as candidates. Success is certain. People will reject them. There is an atmosphere of change in the entire state

Beltara BJP candidate Sushant Shukla while appealing said that following the tradition of our guide Revered Badridhar Diwan and MLA Rajneesh Kumar Singh, I am determined for every possible development of the area. I see that the people of the area are looking at me with a trustful eye. The ideology of Bharatiya Janata Party is watching from: Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. Reciting this basic mantra, we will be together like a family in happiness and sorrow.

In the program, District President Ramdev Kumawat in-charge Amit Kumar Pradeep Namdev Tilak Sahu Awadhesh Aggarwal Vikram Singh Vijaydhar Diwan Shankar Dayal Shukla Rajesh Suryavanshi Rajkumar Singh Dr. Rajneesh Pandey Dhananjay Tripathi Lakshmi Kashyap Janak Dewangan Nikhil Kesharwani Omprakash Pandey Hemant Markam Rupali Anil Gupta Santosh Dubey L. Purushottam Patel Rakesh Verma Ram Nivas BJP workers including Shastri Kishore Manjare, Ganga Sahu, Jeetu Sahu, Yogesh Dubey, Yasmin Khan, Anmol Jha, Rishabh Chaturvedi were present.

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