Chess players expected to be included in TOPS.

New Delhi, November 14 (Language) In the last few years, Indian chess players have made a special mark at the international level with their brilliant game and they hope that the government will recognize their performance and include them in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS). Will include.

R Vaishali and Vidit Gujarati, who qualified for the Candidates Tournament by winning the women’s and open titles in the recent FIDE Grand Swiss competition, feel that the government will soon make chess a part of the scheme. Meanwhile, All India Chess Federation Vice President Bharat Singh Chauhan said that the Sports Ministry has told him that “we can apply for TOPS”.

TOPS is an important program of the Sports Ministry in which assistance is provided to prominent players of sports included in the Olympics.

Speaking to PTI on the sidelines of an event to provide financial assistance of Rs 2 crore to R Praggnanandhaa, Gujarati and Vaishali for their preparation for the Candidates Tournament, Chauhan told PTI, “TOPS is going to support us. They have asked us to apply and told that they will help us. This has been discussed. There is no doubt that the government is helping us on every front.

Regarding inclusion of chess in TOPS, Gujarati said, “We will be very happy if we are included in TOPS. The government is definitely doing a lot of good work and being included in the TOPS will be like icing on the cake for us. What I mean to say is that this will provide us with better facilities and we can prepare in a better way to achieve our goal.

Vaishali also feels that chess players will also be included in TOPS.

He said, “The popularity of chess as a game is increasing. It would be great if this game becomes a part of Topps. I am confident that this will happen.


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