Chief Minister Siddaramaiah called Kumaraswamy, who spoke against Congress’s guarantee, as anti-poor.

Bengaluru, November 13 (Language) Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has met Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) state unit president H.D. Accusing Kumaraswamy of hating the poor, he said on Monday that voters will teach his (Kumaraswamy’s) party as well as its ally Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) a lesson in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Siddaramaiah targeted former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy through a message on ‘X’. The Chief Minister said, “Why do you hate poor people? It has become your habit to speak ill about our guarantee schemes, which are dedicated to the upliftment of poor families. Your baseless allegations are meant to oppose the upliftment of poor families. You need to introspect on your thoughts.”

Siddaramaiah said that crores of people are benefiting from these guarantee schemes and the voters of BJP and JD(S) are also among those taking advantage of these schemes. He also asked Kumaraswamy to go from village to village and talk to the beneficiaries.

The Chief Minister said that these guarantee schemes have been created mainly to benefit the poor people of the state. He said that these were not designed to help the rich in the form of tax waiver, nor is it a loan waiver scheme.

The Chief Minister targeted Kumaraswamy for not speaking against the Centre. He alleged that Kumaraswamy has made it his mission to oppose the guarantee schemes instead of speaking against the Centre.

Siddaramaiah said sarcastically, “You are making false allegations against me every day. If criticizing me gives you peace of mind, please continue. I can understand your disappointment and frustration after the election defeat.”

The Chief Minister said that the entire country is laughing at the ‘hypocrisy of BJP’.

Siddaramaiah warns Kumaraswamy on speaking against guarantee schemes. “If you continue to oppose the guarantee schemes, the voters of the state will teach a lesson to both the BJP and JD(S) in the next Lok Sabha elections,” he said.

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