Congress government in Rajasthan sympathizing with terrorists: Prime Minister Modi.

Udaipur, November 9 (Language) Referring to the Kanhaiyalal murder case, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday targeted the Congress government of the state and accused it of being a government that sympathizes with terrorists.

Modi also took a dig at the state government on issues like corruption and law and order, saying that its appeasement policy has put the pride of Rajasthan in danger.

He alleged, “Under the Congress government, incidents that shame humanity are happening with the people of Rajasthan. The terrorist incident with Kanhaiyalal ji in Udaipur is a big stain on the Congress government. Such a heinous incident happened in Udaipur because there is a Congress government which sympathizes with the terrorists.

Kanhaiyalal was murdered by two armed men on June 28 last year. The accused also made a video of this act and shared it online.

Modi accused the state of banning Ram Navami processions and Kanwar Yatra and said, “Today there is a Congress government here, that is why terrorist organizations like PFI take out rallies without any fear.” The Congress government, which is a sympathizer of terrorists, will accept this by destroying Rajasthan.

He said, “The appeasement policy of the Congress government has put the culture, heritage and pride of Rajasthan in danger.”

The Prime Minister alleged that Congress has only one agenda – to loot Rajasthan and fill its treasury.

He alleged, “Corruption is like air and water for Congress, without it Congress cannot function.” Congress leaders in Rajasthan themselves are saying that there is looting here like nowhere else in the country.

He said, “Today in Rajasthan neither the Dalits, backward people and the poor are safe nor are our sisters and daughters safe. Congress has made Rajasthan top in cases of crimes against women. The Congress government has proved completely ineffective in controlling crimes against women.

He said, “BJP assures every daughter, every daughter-in-law of Rajasthan that she will get the opportunity to live a life with dignity and go out of the house fearlessly in a safe environment… and this is Modi’s guarantee.”

The Prime Minister said, “Congress has wasted five years of Rajasthan. For five years, the government of Rajasthan remained busy in deciding who would sit on the chair. In this fight for the chair, Congress did not care about the public issues.

Talking about strict action against the corrupt if the BJP government is formed in the state, Modi said, “Someone had said that in Rajasthan only small fish are caught, no action is taken against big fish. I would tell such people – action will be taken against every small and big fish in Rajasthan. Not only the fish, even the big crocodiles that loot the public will not be spared.

He also alleged that officials close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot have purchased two dozen flats in a year.

Modi said, “After the BJP government comes here, the strictest action will be taken against every corrupt person.” Those who have looted Rajasthan will have to be returned.

Pointing to a statement by Rajasthan Minister Shanti Dhariwal, he said, “It is shameful that on the question of law and order, the Congress minister jokingly says that this is a man’s state.” You have not only insulted the mothers and sisters of Rajasthan, you have also insulted the men of Rajasthan. The men of Rajasthan are the people who are ready to cut off their heads to honor their mother and sister.

He said that there is deception in every announcement of Congress. He said, “Congress had promised to provide relief to the middle class but it is imposing ‘record’ tax on petrol and diesel.”

Modi said that petrol in Rajasthan is costlier than states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and even Goa.

He said that Congress had promised to give subsidy on electricity bills but ten times more money is being collected in the name of outstanding bills.

On the issue of so-called ‘red diary’, Modi said, “A red diary in Rajasthan has become a problem for the Congress and all such diaries will be exposed.”

Sacked minister Rajendra Gudha alleged that this diary contains details of illegal financial transactions of the Chief Minister and others.

The Prime Minister encouraged people to buy Indian products and said that this will strengthen local artisans. He appealed to buy Indian products on Diwali.

BJP state president CP Joshi and other party leaders also addressed the meeting.

Voting will be held on 200 assembly seats of the state on November 25, counting of votes will take place on December 3.

Bhasha Kunj Prithvi Shafiq


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