Crowd of people gathered at the public relations meeting of Dr. Bandhi, women of ward no. 42, 43 performed aarti, congratulated them, also decorated rangoli, read full news.

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Crowd of people gathered at the public relations meeting of Dr. Bandhi, women of ward no. 42, 43 performed aarti, felicitated and also decorated rangoli.

Bilaspur- Current MLA from Masturi Assembly and Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Dr. Krishnamurthy Bandhi campaigned in ward number 42, 43 of Deori Khurd area and surrounding areas. Masturi assembly constituency is basically a rural area, where issues related to farmers and farmers are important, but the problems of Deori Khurd and Devridih, the urban areas of Masturi assembly, are completely different. Despite being adjacent to the city, the entire area here is untouched by urban development. Due to it being a Gram Panchayat, there was almost no development work here, and now even though this area has been included in the Municipal Corporation, the picture has not changed much. On the contrary, there has been an additional burden of property tax on the people of the area.

Even today, there is a problem of basic needs like electricity, road, drain, water in Deori Khurd. The crisis of drinking water is a permanent problem here during summer. Due to the inaction of the Corporation, no solution to the problem has been found till now, while there are many landless destitutes in the areas around Deori Khurd who have not yet got the ownership rights of the land. During the election campaign, Dr. Krishnamurthy Bandhi, on one hand promised to solve the problems prevailing in Deori Khurd, while on the other hand he also talked about giving ownership lease of land to the residents of Deori Khurd and Barkhadan adjacent to Deori Khurd.

Women decorated rangoli to welcome

When he reached Devrikhurd during the election campaign, the women of the area welcomed him by performing aarti. On this occasion, rangoli was also decorated in front of the house to welcome him. Local people said that even though there was a Congress government in the state, for the entire 5 years as MLA, Dr. Krishnamurthy Bandhi remained aware of the problems of the area and solved them as much as possible. Not only this, Dr. Krishnamurthy Bandhi was present among the people of Deori Khurd in every festival, celebration and event. Therefore he said that we need such an MLA who is simple, friendly and development oriented. There is enthusiasm among the workers also due to the widespread support Dr. Krishnamurtibandhi is getting in Devrikhurd area.

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