Delhi government earned Rs 525 crore from liquor during Diwali, three crore bottles were sold in two weeks.

New Delhi, November 13 (Language) During the Diwali festival in Delhi, people bought 64 lakh liquor bottles worth about Rs 121 crore from Friday to Sunday. The officers provided this information.

He said that according to official figures, the government earned Rs 234.15 crore from the sale of more than one crore liquor bottles a week before Diwali.

“The sale of liquor increases during festivals like Holi and Diwali in Delhi as it is bought not only for personal consumption and storage but also to give as gifts,” said a senior excise department official. Is.”

According to official data, total sales in the 17 days before Diwali were more than three crore bottles, generating a revenue of Rs 525.84 crore.

Officials said liquor sales picked up just before Diwali and 17.33 lakh, 18.89 lakh and 27.89 lakh bottles were sold at shops on Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively. He told that liquor shops remained closed on Diwali.

Officials said that this combined sale of more than 64 lakh bottles in three days earned the Delhi government a total of Rs 120.92 crore. He told that last year, three days before Diwali, the sale of liquor was 13.46 lakh, 15 lakh and 19.39 lakh bottles respectively.

Officials said that 2.11 crore liquor bottles were sold in Delhi in the 17 days before Diwali in 2022. In this respect, the number of bottles sold this year is about 42 percent more.

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