Did not sell arms to Ukraine or Russia: Pakistan

Islamabad, November 16 (Language) Pakistan on Thursday said that it has not provided weapons to Ukraine or Russia as it is neutral in the conflict between the two countries.

When asked about the alleged sale of arms to Ukraine through a third country, Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said at the weekly press conference, “I confirm this, as we have said in the past.” That Pakistan has not sold arms to Ukraine or Russia because we have adopted a policy of neutrality in this conflict.

Baloch said Pakistan was not in a position to confirm what weapons were being used by both sides in the conflict.

Earlier this week, BBC Urdu had reported that cash-strapped Pakistan had signed a Rs 36.4 billion arms deal with two private US companies last year to supply ammunition to Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia. Earned millions of US dollars.


Shafiq Avinash


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