Dissatisfaction among youth due to scams and irregularities in recruitment, scams will be behind the education system within 6 months – Amar, read full news

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Dissatisfaction among the youth due to scams and irregularities in recruitment, scams will be behind the education system within 6 months

Bilaspur – The development of the state cannot be conceptualized without the participation of youth. Generations have to bear the loss of disappointment of young minds. Ram and Krishna, on the sacred land of India, be it Father of the Nation Bapu along with Swami Vivekananda or Sardar Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, APJ Kalam and today PM Modi, the young minds of the youth have achieved huge goals but the youth are disappointed with the game of recruitment agencies in Chhattisgarh. There is a distrust among the youth of Chhattisgarh about the examination system and process. In the last few years, there have been all-round protests against the results of the PSC examination. The above points were said by former minister Amar Aggarwal in the youth discussion organized by the Kitna Yuva Samiti at the local Yash Palace. said. In the discussion, Amar Aggarwal called Bhupesh Sarkar anti-youth for messing around in government recruitment.

Answering the questions asked by the students, he said that PSC, Vyapam and S.I. Those who rigged the examinations will be behind bars within 6 months. When the BJP government comes, there will be time bound recruitment through a transparent system. Sorting of questions will result in completely error free results including evaluation of answers, making the interview test relevant. With the use of technology, the answer sheets of all the participating contestants will be made online while maintaining the sanctity of the examination system. BJP candidate Shri Aggarwal termed accessing the results of government recruitment of the state and the final selection through money power as a crime against talented children. He said that due to rigging in the selection, the youth are facing stress and disorientation, it is not at all appropriate to compromise on the credibility of the examination system in the name of secrecy. People with dubious records should not be appointed in constitutional institutions. Transparency is most important.

Former minister Amar Aggarwal said, playing with the interests of the youth is playing with the future heritage, the result: dissatisfaction among the youth is at its peak.
Amar Aggarwal said that thousands of students from across the division come to Bilaspur for career building. Pandit Sunderlal Sharma University, Atal Vihari Bajpayee University, private colleges of Dental, Nursing, Engineering, Railway Recruitment Board, humanities subjects along with science were facilitated during his tenure. Bilaspur will get the status of Rajasthan (Kota) in the coming days. Will create such an education hub. A training center worth Rs 200 crore will be built for the youth, in which self-employment and entrepreneurship training facilities will be available.

He said that in the interest of youth, BJP has announced recruitment on 1 lakh vacant government posts in its manifesto, 50% subsidy and interest free loan in Chhattisgarh Udyam Kranti Yojana, timely conduct of PSC examinations in a transparent manner on the lines of UPSC, 1.5 lakh unemployed people. Under the scheme, a resolution has been taken to guarantee the opportunity of public service at the Panchayat level. Shri Aggarwal called upon the youth to make sacrifices in the sacrifice of democracy to change the scam-ridden government of Bhupesh Baghel.

Earlier, subject experts from famous coaching centers of the city including advocate Rohit Sharma, judicial services experts Purnendu Bhatt, Ratnesh Jha, Rakesh Gupta, Ashish Dewangan, and Rajeev Lochan Tiwari addressed the students. Hundreds of students from various educational institutions and participating in various competitive examinations participated in the discussion.

Congress manifesto is just a statement, PM Modi’s guarantee but people do not trust Congress – Amar

Former minister Amar Aggarwal said that Congress’s manifesto is an example of deception and a ‘jumla’. Chhattisgarh has seen that the cabinet members themselves do not have faith in the manifesto of Congress. In the last five years, there was a lot of fighting among themselves to complete the manifesto. The maximum amount was spent in the Chief Minister’s Face Shine Scheme. Congress has no interest in urban development, Bhupesh Baghel’s rural economy model has already flopped. He said that Congress’s loan waiver is a fraud, for 82% small and marginal farmers of the state, it is like a drop in the mouth of a camel. Only the big leaders and supporters of Congress will benefit from it. The benefit of exemption in transport loans and tax is also available to the mining mafia industry. Big leaders of Congress and their supporters are to be present. The poor kept wandering for Prime Minister’s house for 5 years but did not get a house. Now Congress is making a false promise to the people of the state to provide 17 lakh houses. The public does not trust the Chief Minister’s Housing Justice Scheme.
BJP’s manifesto is a manifesto guaranteed by Prime Minister Shri Modi ji for all-round development, which contains the intention of achieving the resolution by serving all sections of the society with an integrated approach, whereas the manifesto of Congress is lax. Amar Aggarwal said that the farmers will be free for 5 years. They continued to be troubled, youth did not get jobs, tribal families were kept far away from development, crimes continued to happen in the city, youth remained deprived of jobs, people did not get basic facilities. The sources of additional revenue to meet the announcements have not been mentioned, the series of announcements will continue to sink Chhattisgarh into debt.

BJP candidate knocked door to door in Sarkanda area…. New Municipal Corporation will be formed across Arpa, enthusiasm among voters – Amar

Amar Aggarwal, former state government minister and Bharatiya Janata Party candidate from Bilaspur Assembly, reached Kapil Nagar Bengali Para and several wards of Sarkanda area today and sought public support. Today, Yuva Morcha officials and workers took out a bike rally with Amar Aggarwal and created an atmosphere in favor of BJP. Discussing with the journalists, he said that to give the gift of development in Sarkanda area, we have guaranteed to form a new Municipal Corporation across Arpa so that the citizens of Sarkanda area can join the stream of development, beautification of Arpa river and construction of technically correct barrage. Only BJP can do it. Sarkanda area has lagged behind significantly in the last 5 years. He told that today the people of Sarkanda are getting support, affection and blessings. The people here are waiting for 17th November and like before, BJP will win with huge votes in all the booths here.

Mahila Morcha’s door-to-door public relations continue – Shashi Amar Agarwal, wife of BJP candidate Amar Agarwal, today conducted public relations with Mahila Morcha workers and office bearers in Central Division Ram Prasad Bismil Nagar, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Gandhinagar Juna Bilaspur area and declared BJP victorious. Appealed to make.

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