District administration started ‘Wall of goodness in every house’ in Gonda, a unique initiative to bring happiness to the underprivileged.

Gonda/Lucknow, November 5 (Language) On the instructions of the Uttar Pradesh government, the Gonda district administration on Sunday started a special campaign ‘Har Ghar Neki Ki Deewar’ with the intention of giving happiness to the poor and the underprivileged on Diwali. This information was given in an official statement issued in Lucknow.

According to the statement, on the initiative of Yogi Adityanath’s government, which is working for the poor and the deprived, the Gonda district administration has started a special campaign named ‘Har Ghar Neki Ki Deewar’.

Gonda District Magistrate Neha Sharma launched this unique initiative in the district on Sunday. Under this special campaign named ‘Har Ghar Neki Ki Deewar’, an initiative has been taken to deliver the unused items from people’s homes to the needy. It was started on Sunday from Municipal Council, Colonelganj.

The statement issued quoting Neha Sharma said, “On Diwali, we all clean our houses. During this time many such items also come out which are no longer being used. These may include old clothes, old blankets, shoes, children’s toys, old utensils and many other useless items. Instead of throwing them away, the people of the district should donate them to the ‘Wall of Goodness’ built in their nearest Municipality, Nagar Panchayat or Gram Panchayat, so that some poor and deprived person can get the benefit of this and this festival can bring light in his life. “

He told that under the campaign, special centers are being established in all the Municipal Councils of the district, from Nagar Panchayat to Gram Panchayat. These were named ‘Wall of Righteousness’. People living in the surrounding areas will be able to donate unused items from their homes at these centres. A record of the items given by them will be prepared. Any needy person will be able to take items as per his requirement from these centres.

The District Magistrate said that this special campaign will be run till Diwali. During this period, to provide convenience to the residents of the district, a control room has also been created and a helpline number (05262-230125) has also been issued.

He told that this service will be available from 7 am to 10 pm. By calling this helpline number, people will be able to get information about the ‘Wall of Goodness’ installed near them. Will be able to contact the officers and employees posted there.

According to the statement, there is also a plan to honor the officers, employees and people of the district who have performed excellently in this campaign by the district administration.

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