Dr. Bandhi is reaching every street, hamlet and street. Mrs. Bandhi also took charge of the campaign, read the full news.

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After reaching every village, hamlet and street, Dr. Bandhi Mrs. Bandhi also took command of the campaign

Bilaspur – After the first phase of voting in Chhattisgarh under the Assembly Elections 2023, now the election activity is in full swing in those areas where voting is to be done on November 17. In one of these Masturi Assembly elections, the election campaign has gained full momentum. Current MLA and BJP candidate Dr. Krishnamurthy Bandhi is continuously reaching out to his constituency and doing public relations and seeking blessings from the voters. Apart from him, his wife is also going from village to village along with the workers and appealing to vote in favor of Dr. Bandhi.

Election experts believe that if the vote percentage increases in Chhattisgarh, it will directly benefit the Bharatiya Janata Party. At the same time, BJP is also going to benefit from anti-incumbency against the present government. As election days are getting closer, many experts are predicting increase in BJP’s seats. These news have filled the BJP candidates with enthusiasm. With the same enthusiasm, Dr. Krishnamurthy reached Bharari, Belha and Sulauni villages of Bandhi Malhar Mandal for public relations. Statistics show that the BJP candidate is somewhat weak in Malhar Mandal itself, that is why full strength is being put into this area during the election campaign. With Dindeshwari blessings, Dr. Bandhi did public relations in rural areas.

Here the women performed aarti for him and promised to vote for him, while at various places they welcomed Dr. Bandhi with flower garlands. On reaching rural areas, people also informed Dr Bandhi about their problems. There are problems of roads, water, electricity and drains in rural areas, while people in rural areas have not been able to get the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and toilets.

Due to lack of arrangement for cattle shed, cows enter the fields and destroy crops. These problems were also put before Dr. Bandhi. In some areas, there is also a problem regarding destitute and elderly pension. Dr. Bandhi has promised to solve these problems as soon as the BJP government is formed in the state on December 3. He has also appealed to everyone to vote in maximum numbers. During the election campaign, Dr. Bandhi is continuously urging people to first vote and then have refreshments. And the special thing is that he seems to be getting unprecedented support from the people in his assembly constituency.

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