Famous Israeli peace activist Vivian Silver confirmed killed in Hamas attack

Jerusalem, November 14 (AP) Canadian-born famous Israeli activist Vivian Silver has been confirmed dead in a Hamas attack on October 7. Silver dedicated his life to peaceful relations with the Palestinian people.

Silver immigrated to Israel in the 1970s and made her home in Kibbutz Biri. She was believed to be one of about 240 hostages held in the Gaza Strip for 38 days after the Hamas attack, but her family was informed of her death on Monday.

Some remains badly burnt in the attack are slowly being identified.

“She was on the one hand very small and gentle, and on the other hand she was a force of nature,” Silver’s son Yonatan Zegen told Israeli Radio on Tuesday. She was very determined. He had strong views about the world and life.”

AP Santosh Prashant


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