FCI sold 2.87 lakh tonnes of wheat in the 19th round of e-auction.

New Delhi, November 2 (Language) Food Corporation of India (FCI) has sold 2.87 lakh tonnes of wheat from buffer stock to bulk consumers in the 19th round of e-auction.

Public sector Food Corporation of India will direct bulk buyers like flour millers and small traders under the Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) through weekly e-auction from June 28 to control retail prices of key commodities like wheat and rice. Selling wheat and rice from the pool.

The quantity of wheat sold in the 19th e-auction held on November 1 was slightly higher as FCI increased the bidding quantity under OMSS to Rs 200 a tonne.

“As a result, 2.87 lakh tonnes of wheat has been sold to 2,389 bidders in the e-auction,” the Food Ministry said in a statement.

The weighted average selling price for fair and average quality wheat was Rs 2,291.15 per quintal, while the reserve price was Rs 2,150 per quintal.

The sale of wheat under OMSS will continue till March 31, 2024 and by then about 101.5 lakh tonnes of wheat will be unloaded in the markets.

Traders have been kept out of the purview of selling wheat under OMSS and around 1,721 surprise checks were conducted across the country till October 3 to prevent hoarding of stocks.

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