Former engineer of Meta spoke about sexual comments made on his daughter’s post on Instagram

Washington, November 7 (AP) On the same day that ‘whistleblower’ Francis Haugen was testifying before the US Parliament about the ill effects of Facebook and Instagram on children, Arturo Bejar, a contractor at the social media company, fired a letter from the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Meta’. (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg in an email raising concerns on the same subject.

The first news about this was published by ‘The Wall Street Journal’. In the email, Badger, who was director of engineering at Facebook from 2009 to 2015, outlined significant gaps in how people who use the company’s products—especially children—experience them.

“Two weeks ago my 16-year-old daughter made a post on Instagram about cars, and someone commented ‘Go back to the kitchen,'” she wrote. “It was very upsetting for her (the daughter).”

“Our measures to block this person or remove his comments will mean he will move on to other profiles and continue to spread misogyny,” she wrote. “I don’t think more scrutiny of policy/reporting, or content, is the solution.”

Badger believes that ‘Meta’ needs to change the way it regulates its platforms, with a focus on addressing harassment, soliciting for sex, and other bad experiences, even when these problems are obvious. Do not materially violate existing policies.

For example, sending sexually explicit messages to children doesn’t violate Instagram’s rules, but Badger said teens should have a way to tell the platform they don’t want to receive these types of messages.

Badger told the Associated Press (AP) news agency, ‘I can say that Metra officials knew how much harm was being caused to the teenagers. They (officials) can do such things and are capable of doing them, but they decided not to.

He said, this makes it clear that ‘we cannot trust them with our children.’

Opening the hearing on Tuesday, Richard Blumenthal, a member of the Senate from Connecticut (Democratic Party), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Privacy and Technology Subcommittee, introduced Badger as a ‘widely respected and admired’ engineer in the industry, Who were hired specifically to help prevent harm against children, but their recommendations were ignored.

“What you said today in this committee is something that every parent needs to hear,” said Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, a Republican member of the subcommittee.

As an example, Badger pointed to surveys showing that 13 percent of Instagram users aged 13-15 reported making sexual advances on the platform within the past seven days. .


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