Fourth consignment of relief material from India reaches earthquake affected Nepal

Kathmandu, November 21 (Language) Nepal on Tuesday received the fourth consignment of emergency medical aid and equipment from India for earthquake-affected people, three weeks after a devastating earthquake struck the far western mountainous region. More than 150 people lost their lives due to this earthquake.

As the first responder to the people of Nepal in their hour of need, India has been sending regular assistance to the Himalayan nation as ‘humanitarian assistance’ since November 3. On November 3, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Jajarkot and Rukum districts of Nepal, killing 153 people and injuring more than 260.

After the earthquake of April 2015, this earthquake of November 3 has caused the highest loss of life and property in Nepal. On November 7, at least 16 people were injured due to an earthquake of magnitude more than four.

“The fourth consignment of relief aid, including vital medicines and equipment for earthquake-affected families, has reached Nepal,” External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said in a post on social media platform ‘X’. India’s humanitarian efforts are continuing to help people in Nepal.

Along with this post, he also shared a picture of the relief material being handed over to Nepal authorities.

Five elderly people, including two women, who were staying in temporary tents, lost their lives last week due to extreme cold in Jajarkot district. After that, this fourth consignment of aid has been sent. The houses of these people have become unfit for habitation due to the devastating earthquake. About 8000 government and private houses were damaged in the earthquake.


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