FPI investment in Indian stocks increased by 15 percent to $ 651 billion in September quarter.

New Delhi, November 16 (Language) The value of investment by foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) in domestic stocks increased by 15 percent to $ 651 billion in the July-September quarter of the current financial year. This figure has been presented in a report.

According to the Morningstar report, the main reason for the increase in the value of FPI investments is the good performance of the Indian stock markets. Apart from this, their net inflows have also been strong, which has increased the investment value.

According to the report, the value of FPI investments in Indian stocks stood at $651 billion at the end of September 2023, compared to $566 billion in the same period last year.

At the same time, the investment value of FPI has increased by four percent on quarterly basis. The value of such investments in the April-June quarter was $626 billion.

However, the contribution of FPIs to the valuation of the Indian stock market declined marginally to 16.95 percent in the quarter under review. It was 17.33 percent in the June quarter.

Foreign investors continued their buying spree in Indian stock markets for most of the September quarter with net investments of $5.38 billion.

The report said foreign portfolio investors poured $5.68 billion into Indian equities in July, citing the resumption of stable earnings growth, stable macro-economic fundamentals and challenges facing the Chinese economy.

In August, this investment declined to $1.48 billion due to high crude oil prices and the risk of inflation re-emerging.

However, in September foreign investors became net sellers in Indian stock markets for the first time in six months. During this period, FPI sold net assets worth $1.78 billion.

According to the report, this happened due to the ongoing economic uncertainties in the US and Euro zones as well as growing concerns about global economic growth. Apart from this, the improvement in US treasury bond yields also had an impact.

FPIs also sold net assets worth $2.95 billion in October. In this month too, till November 10, he has sold shares worth a net of $697 million.

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