Government’s clarification, coal blocks were put up for auction through a transparent mechanism.

New Delhi, November 8 (Language) The Coal Ministry on Wednesday said that after the cancellation of 204 coal blocks in 2014, these mines are being put up for auction through a transparent mechanism.

This clarification comes a day after the opposition party Congress’s allegation. The Congress has alleged that the Narendra Modi government has reversed the long-standing policy of competitive auction for coal block allocation and has given lucrative profitable areas to the Adani Group.

“Following the cancellation of 204 coal mines in 2014, the mines are being auctioned for power and de-regulated sectors under a transparent system,” the ministry said in the statement.

The Coal Ministry further said that no link has been established between Cavil Mining Private Limited and Adani Group.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh had said that the group has been allotted coal blocks even when it was the sole bidder or when an associated party acted as the second bidder. He claimed that this is in violation of the spirit of the Supreme Court orders on coal block auction.

The opposition party has also demanded the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) “to bring out the truth”.

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