Has Sainik Ramkumar brought current in the politics of Surguja??

There is a lot of discussion these days about the joint nomination rally of BJP candidates held in Ambikapur on 30th October, the last day of nominations, and the speech of the young BJP candidate from Sitapur Assembly, ex-serviceman Ramkumar in the general meeting. His connection with the youth and the slogans raised for him throughout the rally have attracted people’s attention. Media people also believe that there is tremendous craze among the youth for former soldier Ramkumar. After all, what is it that made an ordinary village youth a youth icon? The story of Ramkumar Toppo, a resident of Kotchhal village of Sitapur, a soldier turned BJP candidate after taking VRS, seems like a film hero who has resolved to change the current politics. It is difficult to believe but it is true that two months before the implementation of the Election Code of Conduct, the youth of Sitapur Assembly had written a letter with blood to him and specially invited him to contest the elections from the border. On the call of the youth of Sitapur, former soldier Ramkumar not only left his army job but also went from village to village and organized a Tiranga Yatra with the youth, in which thousands of people gathered and made him a candidate against five-time MLA Amarjeet. When the BJP was not able to decide on the names of its candidates in the Sitapur Assembly, which is a stronghold of the Congress and is under the patronage of Minister Amarjeet Bhagat, then the coming of a young ex-serviceman to the BJP was a sign that the BJP would get a wish without even asking. Will go. When BJP National President JP Nadda admitted Ramkumar Toppo and thousands of his supporters into the BJP in the general meeting of BJP held in Jashpur, it was decided that Ramkumar would be the BJP candidate in Sitapur. According to the common people of Sitapur, never before has there been such a candidate in the Sitapur assembly for whom the youth is so selflessly crazy. The youth are seen supporting what Ramkumar Toppo said in BJP’s Ambikapur general meeting while accusing Minister Amarjeet Bhagat of insulting the soldiers martyred in the Pulwama terror incident on 14th February. In the nomination rally, it was clearly visible that the BJP officials were getting tremendous energy from Ramkumar Toppo. So can it be believed that Sainik Ramkumar has brought current not only in Surguja BJP but also in the politics of Surguja?? The current political scenario is saying the same. If we look at the political history of the three assembly constituencies of Ambikapur, Lundra and Sitapur falling in the divided Surguja district, the party together with Jan Sangh and BJP has been able to win both the seats of Ambikapur and Lundra only three times and in this, winning Sitapur is still a challenge. BJP was also looking for a lifeline in Surguja to overcome the continuous defeat in all the three assembly elections in the last three assembly elections. So will Rajkumar Toppo be that Bhagirathi of BJP whose youth energy will bring change in Surguja this time? If media reports are to be believed, the impact of making Ramkumar the candidate from Sitapur will be felt in Ambikapur and Lundra assembly also, which will definitely benefit Ambikapur candidate Rajesh Aggarwal and Lundra candidate Prabodh Minj. Talking about Sitapur Assembly, Sitapur is the Congress seat from where Congress got the lead in the last Lok Sabha elections even under the wave of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Minister Amarjeet Bhagat has been MLA from here for five consecutive terms. If he wins this time, he will create a record by being counted among the senior most MLAs of Congress, but the political circumstances do not seem to be favorable for him this time.
However, on November 17, the general public of Surguja will decide the fate of the candidates by voting. It remains to be seen whether the people of Surguja want change or Congress is still their choice.

Santosh Das Saral
Political analyst.

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