Health Minister busy in road show, people of Surguja are searching for him – Amar Aggarwal – read full news

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Health Minister busy in road show, people of Surguja are searching for him – Amar Aggarwal

Bilaspur – While congratulating the residents of the city and the citizens of the state on the festival of lights, Mr. Amar Aggarwal wished for the welfare, good health and prosperity of all sections of society and called upon the BJP for the reconstruction of Chhattisgarh by voting in the great festival of democracy on 17th November. Requested to provide blessings.
Today, during the public relations campaign, Shri Amar Aggarwal said that in the last five years of the Congress government, the city’s health system is on ventilators. The condition of Congress is bad in Surguja division, the Health Minister is busy in padyatra in Bilaspur, the people of Surguja are searching for him. Sensing the fallout caused by the CM House’s involvement in betting in the name of Mahadev, opportunistic MLAs of the city are seen taking shelter in the lap of the Deputy Chief Minister. This upheaval continued in the entire state for five years. During the tenure of the Chief Minister, the meaning of development in the state changed into protected corruption, political criminalization and red tape.

The removal of Bilaspur Mayor has exposed the policy, intentions and good name of the MLA to the people of Bilaspur and the public has lost confidence in Congress. People remained worried about basic services like education, health, security, electricity, roads, water etc. The Honorable Court had to issue instructions to rectify the mismanagement of hospitals in Bilaspur. While saying the above, BJP candidate of Bilaspur Assembly Amar Aggarwal today sought blessings from the voters in Juna Bilaspur, Juni Line, Karbala and Telipara to make BJP victorious.

On this occasion, he was presented with Ganga water and a copy of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta at Sitaram Temple in Gondpara. Shri Aggarwal said, ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah’, only BJP can protect Sanatan Dharma. It is unfortunate that those who swore by Ganga water for prohibition kept delivering liquor to every house instead of medicine even during the pandemic. Liquor scam perpetrators are being sent to jail, the government is issuing statements to protect them. BJP will destroy this terror on December 3 with the blessings of the public. Today, amid the election campaign, he also urged the youth who voted for the first time to participate actively in voting. Amar Aggarwal said, the citizens of the city are having to suffer the consequences of the reality of the Congress leaders. The city MLA has no achievements in Bilaspur. Whatever work is being done in Bilaspur city today is the contribution of the Central Government. Our priority will be to complete the smart city works of Bilaspur with quality, give Bilaspur the status of B-grade city, Arpa Par Municipal Corporation, crime-free Bilaspur.

Addressing the Deep Mahotsav program organized in Arpa River View area of ​​Bilaspur late in the evening, Mr. Amar Aggarwal said, the tradition of donating lamps in our eternal civilization has been giving us the message of mutual harmony and dedication, Diwali is a festival of light, light is the basis of everyone’s life. Today we all are donating lamps with this wish, the kind of negative forces that have taken place in our city in these five years have made the entire city united and committed to take a pledge of change. Last day, on the holy festival of Dhanteras, like every year, he met the businessmen of Golbazar and Sadarbazar area and wished them a very happy festival of lights.

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