Hope for help to Nepal earthquake victims.

Kathmandu, November 6 (Language) Thousands of people left homeless after Friday’s earthquake in the mountainous region of Nepal are facing shortage of food, clothes and medicines as relief materials and help have not yet reached many places.

The victims of the disaster performed the last rites of their dead relatives on Sunday.

Hasta Bahadur KC, a resident of Chiuritol in Nalgad municipality in Jajarkot, is shocked by the death of his son, daughter-in-law and his four-year-old grandson. His son Bhimsen BK had come home just a few days ago for the Dashain (Vijayadashami) festival and was planning to return to India where he worked.

Bhimsen, his wife and son were among 157 people who died in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Friday. The epicenter of the earthquake was at Ramidana in Jajarkot.

The earthquake was felt in many parts of India including Delhi and the National Capital Region.

‘Only me and my wife are left,’ Hasta Bahadur was quoted as saying by ‘Kathmandu Post’ newspaper. Both of us have been living in a tent since Friday night.

According to Suresh BK, a resident of Chiuritol, 13 people in the village have lost their lives while many others have been injured in the earthquake.

Suresh said that at least 56 houses in the village have been completely destroyed while the condition of 110 houses has become such that they cannot live there.

The villagers are waiting for help to arrive.

Suresh said, “We have not received any help yet. All our crops, grains, food items, clothes and other valuables have been buried under the debris. We haven’t been able to get them out, everything is lost. There is no security personnel to help us.”

“It is extremely cold outside and none of us have slept since Friday night,” he said.

Earthquake victims are also waiting for help and relief material in Bheri municipality, where many villages are affected by the earthquake.

Bheri Municipality Mayor Chandra Prakash Ghatri said that the local unit is collecting data for relief distribution, due to which there is a delay in sending immediate relief material to the affected villages.

Ghatri said, “The initial assessment of damage has been completed. We will start distributing relief material in the affected areas with the help of security personnel on Monday.

Earthquake victims need immediate help and have accused the government of delaying help even during emergencies.

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