How to Fill Completely the NFSU Assistant Online Form 2022

How to Fill Completely the NFSU Assistant Online Form 2022

NFSU Assistant Online Form . Hello hello and hello friends, in today’s article, we will talk about the vacancies that have come out inside the add new, we will discuss the vacancies of teaching and non-teaching, how their form has to be increased, from registration to printout, told you complete


This application fee will be charged, what infection has been kept, which is related to National Forensic Science University, which vacancy has come out, this related to teaching and non-teaching, you will also be told to fill the form with complete information, then friends stay with the friends.

If you have not subscribed to this YouTube channel till now, then subscribe to this YouTube channel so that you will be able to see the information about how this form is filled in the upcoming Government Private Offline, first of all, on this YouTube channel, friends, you have not yet subscribed to our channel. If rahul is join then you can join telegram group from there also you are offline form which you buy from any shop by paying that for that you can get it here for free inside this front

NFSU Assistant Online Form

If you can get it within clear free, then you have to join more and move forward by liking the article , then friends what you have to do here is the official site of the National Forensic Science University, link to the official site of the National Forensic Science University, go to the description.

If you want to come from there like then you can apply form from there but friends you have to apply link in description but after you click on supply link you will come here, here you can see the portal of requirement which is National Forensic Science University’s advertisement of Teaching and Non-Teaching has come out here, you can download it from here but let me show you a little, here you can see these is Teaching and Non Teaching is their But those who can download the advertisement or chapter or have given its criteria and how to apply it, I will tell you in this article then friends, here

How to Fill Completely the NFSU Assistant Online Form 2022

I will tell you the main thing which is the tree which has given us the same criteria. the recording you I want these qualifications and what I am here for you, which is non-technical, this non teaching his friends for them by applying the form here as well as the qualification while filling the form, I will tell you the same, then friends come down to you description

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Click on that link given in the link and you don’t have to click on apply below like you will do for front of life, friends, after clicking here, I will come here, here is the professor for stitching, here is the assistant professor here I am many here you can see me but not here for teaching I like here

Hey applying for teaching so same process every that is both non-teaching and both are for teaching same process wrap So you can do like that and by clicking on oil here, you can see all the lifting vacancies, then I can see you here by clicking on non-teaching here, which is the account of the account officer.

HOW TO FILL NFSU Assistant Online Form 2022

Assistant Assistant Registrar Assistant Engineer System Finance Office Yes, he is his deputy engineer, so here we have given the different vacancies, you will get to see the total post here too, if not, then apply here for assistant in friends here like I apply assistant But here you can see by clicking on Friends Love You All, after that, as I come here, here is the advertisement number, up above you will get to see the Friends advertisement number, it will be found here by clicking on the keyboard.

Let me do it a little here, you will see if you want to download the advertisement, then by clicking on it you can see the number 28 from here for the dark, here you can see, wanted to download, don’t have to click here, what you have to do, which form? If you want to apply here, I will tell you here that after coming here, after coming here, you have to put your last name with it in the beginning, here friend, you have to put the father’s name here, the husband’s name, here the mother’s name gives you After that the gender is male-female, if it is, you have to select it here.

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After this you have date of birth, she has to put her stomach, date of birth here friends have been kept 35 years from one thing, after this metro list is married unmarried on one side, you have to select here after that friends what you should do Here, you have to give your mobile number inside the mobile number, while the mobile number is to be entered inside the confirmed mobile number, enter its email id, enter that email ID here, confirm email ID, you have to enter the same email ID here.

After what you have to do, and here you will put it, you have to come under the insert, here you have to select the SC ST OBC for the cut, you have to select it here, inside it you have to type India here, its friends you are below After coming down, what do you have to do, whether you have to fill the President details or not, your address, what you have to do inside the first country, what you have to select here, thought you would be getting to see the entry here, so what should I do? If I am from India from here, then I will select India here like I select a little there This will be a request, after that you have to select the present state, then I will select Rajasthan from here, after that friend, you have to select your district, that is your district, then these were friends, I will select all district district.

I will choose what I don’t want to lose here, what you have to do after that, the address you have here is the address, not the village, you have to put it there, after that friend what to do with the address inside the president Here you can see that you have to enter your complete address inside the President, after that here you have to enter the pin code which is both the present address and the permanent address.

So whatever you have put here, that bean will come here automatically, after that friend, if you have a disability, if you have a disability, then you have to make this leader nine, after that if you have basic computer knowledge then you have to yes.

don’t have to If you don’t know, friends like you are normal, RSCIT or small, whatever computer you have related to, in which you have microsoft office, you must have knowledge, you can adjust here like friends you click here After clicking, you will come down here, friends, after coming down here, I have to take a little up here, so that it will be understood a little that you have to call the leaders to do half the service, after that if you are central or status MP Govt Center You are working inside the Urgent Have kept English and Hindi inside it, you should come to the real Patna, you should be able to write and speak, you must have a language in both, so here you have to click on all three, if you do not stick on both of them alternately.

If you want to tick then you can tick both here After this, friend, what do you have to do, you have to come inside education, what do you have to do after coming inside education, you can see the graduate here, but you have a bachelor’s degree here like you have to click here After that what you have to do is to put the percentage of friends on the percentage off, after that you have to worry about the class which is the first, the second is there, you have to select the pay, friends, what you have to do here is the institute, here I am highlighting you a little.

Let me show here the intent name here, you have put the board name here, the university has given us you to put that to you, after which straight from which state you did, you have to put it here five seniors you have to put here what you have done and here You have to put it here, after that you have to click on add here, along with this, friends, do you have experience here, you have to put that express, then by clicking on enter enter here the company which is here And Vinay you have to put the name of the person in whom you have worked if You were working there in urgent also, you have to click here, you will click on current applied, so here whether they are zone-2 date or not, now the last final decision date will come automatically, here you will get inside the fine paste form You have to enter your friends, you have to come down here, you have to click on this 700, so that for friends to click here, you will have a popup open, you have to click on that pop after clicking I will show you the email id and the email id that you have given to your friends here What do you have to do to come forward by doing what is the application, you have a document inside it, you can see that document photo and signature here, let me highlight you a little and show you friends to come forward after submitting you click here If you want to do it, then friends, I click here, like on and here I will click.

After what you have to do, here you have to log in again, so here is the application, here you can see the application number, copy the photo from here, you have to copy the email ID from the email ID, then here From friend I copy it, after copying friend, what you have to do is paste it, after that you have to put the date of birth here, after that you have to click on submit like friends submit here You will come here to click for friends, here the size of your photo is being made with photo and signature within 15, after that friends tell you what photo I choose from here That’s the forum, I’ll tell you it’s complete, it’s ready, I’ll juice the photo, like clicking here, uploading here, below you can see that the photo has come, after that you have to smooth here the signature by clicking on it.

That is also 15 KB, that should be your signature, after that if I click on it, it will turn green here. After that, you have to click here, the protein that is here has been successful, after clicking here, you have to click like you will click, you can see here that you will probably go after that what you have to do That is to click on the confirm application, click on OK, like friends, you need to click on OK, it will take a little process, after that what you have to do, you have to take its printout Friends, here you have to take the printout out of the murder I will click on the print.


As friends click here, the forum that is here will be downloaded automatically, here I open and show you the form which is similar from the front, except for the other categories, for all the categories that you apply here. Hearing that ₹ 500 will have to be paid here, so here friends, you can see the form I have filled, here you can see the low platform here again, which fee for SSC seems new here that there will be zero fees here But you can see friends and related to this filling if you want more If you want to ask something, then you can comment in the comment box, your full press will be helped if friends like I have told you by filling the non-teaching one, similarly if you want me to tell you by filling the form behind.

You can comment in the comment box if you are new to our website then you have to subscribe this channel and also press the bell icon tap more so that this poor will be benefited and you will see the upcoming article That too you can watch my friend by liking the article  end this article here, then you will meet friends with the next article till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram Bharat Mata Ki Jai with us

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