If America and China do not handle the situation properly, there could be a conflict between them: Sullivan

(Lalit K. Jha)

Washington, November 14 (Language) Before the much-awaited meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has said that if the situation is not handled properly then there is a possibility of conflict between the two countries. Can come.

Biden and Xi will meet on the sidelines of the ‘APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Leadership’ meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Sullivan said on Monday that the US President has an opportunity to communicate how effectively he manages peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. “There are some issues which we have been able to manage through intensive diplomacy,” he said.

“Only then can we really hope to have a chance of achieving concrete results that deliver progress for the American people in areas where our interests intersect,” he said. “I think for example there is the issue of fentanyl.”

“We’re hoping to make some progress on that issue in the coming weeks and that will open the door to more cooperation on other issues where we’re not only managing things, but we’re able to get concrete results,” Sullivan said. ”

The US National Security Advisor said that the most important thing is that “this is a complex and competitive relationship which, if not managed well, could easily lead to conflict or conflict.”

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