In Chhattisgarh, everyone who does not have a house will get a house, those who have looted Chhattisgarh, no matter how powerful they are, will not be able to escape – Modi, read full news

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All those who do not have houses in Chhattisgarh will get houses, those who have looted Chhattisgarh, no matter how powerful they are, will not be able to escape – Modi

Kanker- Prime Minister Narendra Modi today broke all the guarantees of Congress from the land of North Bastar Kanker and guaranteed that those who have looted Chhattisgarh will not be able to escape, no matter how powerful they are. The Prime Minister said that BJP government will be formed in Chhattisgarh on 3rd December. I have come to invite the swearing-in of the BJP government. Prime Minister Modi saluted the tribal warriors and greeted the public in the local language. He said that the storm of change is blowing. I have had the privilege of participating in BJP’s Sankalp Rally. BJP’s resolve is to bring Chhattisgarh among the top states of the country. The figure for Congress and Vikas is 36.

Where Congress is present, there cannot be development. Giving slogan, Prime Minister Modi said that Chhattisgarh roared, this time BJP government. He said that Chhattisgarh celebrated its foundation day only yesterday. The people of Chhattisgarh and BJP together created Chhattisgarh. As long as the Congress government remained in Delhi, the BJP here continued to show hostility towards the government. Chhattisgarh is about to turn 25 years old. This 25 years is very important in the lives of sons and daughters in the family. This election is not just to make MLA, Minister or Chief Minister. It is an election that will decide your future, the future of your children.

Attacking Congress, Prime Minister Modi said that Congress leaders have developed in 5 years. Only the children and relatives of Congress leaders have benefited. What did the poor Dalit backward tribal families of Bastar get? Nothing was found. Congress gave dilapidated roads to the people of Chhattisgarh. The sick have been given schools and hospitals. Congress has created a new record of bribery in government offices. Monkey distribution of jobs, PSC scam, murder crime, violence, all this has been found under Congress rule. Every brother and sister of Chhattisgarh and Bastar is fed up.

He is saying to the Congress government, ‘O Nai Sahibo, Badal Ke Rahibo’. He said that concern for the poor is the priority of the BJP government. We care about both your present and your future.

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