India-Bangladesh relations are seen as ‘ideal relations’ in the Indian subcontinent: Jaishankar.

London, November 16 (Language) External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar noted the progress in India-Bangladesh relations in the last 10 years and said that the relationship between the two countries is seen as an ‘ideal relationship’ in the Indian subcontinent in terms of benefits of regional cooperation. Let’s go.

Jaishankar’s statement came in response to a question by Bangladeshi High Commissioner to Britain Sayeda Moona Tasneem at a session held at the Royal Over-Seas League here on Wednesday evening. The session was titled, “How a Billion People See the World.”

Tasneem had asked Jaishankar about Dhaka’s priorities in India’s foreign policy in the context of security, regional connectivity, shared prosperity and the Indo-Pacific region.

Jaishankar said, “Today our relations stand as an ideal relationship in the Indian subcontinent in terms of the benefits of regional cooperation.”

Jaishankar said that we have resolved our land border issue with Bangladesh, which is really a big thing.

“We had differences on the maritime boundary and we went for mediation,” he said. We agreed that whatever the decision is in arbitration, we both will abide by it. This is what we did when the arbitration award came. There was not much in our favor in this. This is a good example for the region and countries.

The Foreign Minister said that in the last 10 years, rail links have been established between the two countries and a power plant has been established. He said that now India is using Bangladesh’s ports for North-East and both the countries are getting the benefit of increased traffic from the port.

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