Indian-origin jail warden found guilty of demanding bribe from Singapore jail inmate

Singapore, Nov 21 (Language) A senior Indian-origin prison warden in Singapore was convicted on Monday on charges of demanding a bribe of Singapore dollars 133,000 in exchange for transferring a prisoner out of jail.

According to the news of channel ‘News Asia’, a man named Kobi Krishna Ayabu (56) was also found guilty of instigating his associates to get information about the prisoner.

According to the news, Ayabu will be sentenced by the court in January next year.

The prosecution argued that Ayabu had demanded bribe from Chong between September 2015 and March 2016. These bribes were taken for things like car loan installments, house renovation, birthday celebrations and payment of credit card bills, among others.

Chong was sentenced to 20 years of precautionary custody in 2005 for abusing his girlfriend’s son. A seven-year-old boy died due to the abuse.

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