Indian-origin leader in Britain introduces resolution against anti-Hindu hate crime

London, Nov 4 (PTI) An Indian-origin member of the London Assembly this week tabled a motion calling on the Metropolitan Police to better deal with rising incidents of anti-Hindu hatred.

Kripesh Hirani addressed the gathering to highlight the incidents of ‘Hinduphobia’. This assembly deals with issues affecting Londoners. He presented this proposal on Thursday, which was passed unanimously.

The proposal calls for the Metropolitan Police to work with local Hindu communities to encourage them to report targeted hate crimes.

Hirani said, “There is no place for ‘Hinduphobia’ in London and beyond. Sadly, there has been an alarming increase in hate crimes in our community over the past year. Hindus are the second most likely group to face religiously motivated hate crimes, but this is not reflected in police data.”

“This shows that the police should, firstly, register it better and secondly, respond to it better,” he said. I am delighted that the London Assembly supports holding the Metropolitan Police to account.”

The resolution cites recent data from the UK Home Department, which shows that there were 291 hate crimes against Hindus in 2022-2023, which is higher than the previous year, which recorded 161 hate crimes. Were.

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