Investment in equity mutual funds increased by 42 percent in October to Rs 19,957 crore.

New Delhi, November 9 (Language) Inflows into equity mutual funds have increased by 42 percent on month-on-month basis to Rs 19,957 crore in October. Investment inflows into equity mutual funds have improved due to continued investor attraction towards funds of small companies.

The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) has released data in this regard on Thursday. In the month of September, investment of Rs 14,091 crore came in this category. Earlier in August the investment was Rs 20,245 crore.

October marked the 32nd consecutive month when investment inflows into equity mutual funds have been positive.

The category got a boost from Rs 4,495 crore infusion into smallcap funds. After this there was an inflow of Rs 3,896 crore into the thematic fund.

Apart from equities, bond-based schemes saw net inflows of Rs 42,634 crore in October. Due to this, evacuation was seen from this section during the last two months. Rs 1.01 lakh crore was withdrawn from this segment in September and Rs 25,873 crore in August.

Overall, the mutual fund industry comprising 44 companies saw inflows of Rs 80,528 crore in the month under review. Whereas in September, there was a withdrawal of Rs 66,192 from the industry.

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