Israel has the right to defend itself, Palestinians have the right to live: US MP Bera.

(Lalit K. Jha)

Washington, November 4 (Language) Senior Indian-American lawmaker Dr. Ami Bera said on Friday that Israel has the right to defend itself and the people of Palestine have the right to live.

Along with this he called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in West Asia.

“I strongly believe that Israel has the right to exist and defend itself, just as innocent Palestinians have the right to live in peace and dignity,” Bera said in a video message.

“I hope that one day Israelis and Palestinians will be able to live peacefully with each other,” he said. I don’t know if this is an unfulfilled dream. What I do know is that if innocent Israelis continue to be murdered and innocent Palestinians continue to be killed, it will never be accomplished.”

“We need an immediate ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid, food, water and medicine to reach the fighting civilians,” Bera said. After this we need to find a different path forward.

Bera is a senior member of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Bhasha Gola Simmi


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