Israel sent thousands of Palestinian workers back to Gaza Strip

Jerusalem, November 4 (AP) Israel has sent thousands of Palestinian workers from the Gaza Strip working in the country back to the conflict zone. Palestinian authorities gave this information.

Some workers were seen on foot crossing the border that has been sealed since Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7. They had been held in detention centers since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. He alleged violent mistreatment by Israeli authorities in detention centers.

The Israeli Army has not yet commented on these allegations.

“We sacrificed and they treated us like animals there,” said Wael al-Sajda, a worker.

Al-Sajda is among about 18,000 Palestinians from Gaza who were hired to work menial jobs in Israel. Permits to work in Israel were of great importance in Gaza, where the unemployment rate is approaching 50 percent. Israel began granting permits in recent years.

Israel announced late Thursday that it was revoking the permits given to the workers and would send them back to the Gaza Strip.

The workers who returned home on Friday spoke of being kept in Israeli jails. Some people had scratches and other injuries, which they said were the result of abuse by Israeli authorities.

AP Gola Santosh


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