It is imperative to develop sustainable aircraft fuel to decarbonize the economy: President Murmu.

New Delhi, November 18 (Language) President Draupadi Murmu on Saturday said that developing sustainable fuel for aircraft is a very important step towards decarbonizing the economy and new propulsion technologies like electric, hydrogen and hybrid will be rapidly adopted in large scale aircraft. There is also a need for scale-up adoption.

Addressing a conference in the national capital, Murmu also stressed that decarbonizing aero-propulsion is a difficult task, but “we have to do it because climate change and global warming are threatening the existence of humans.” Are.”

He said the development of sustainable jet fuel is one of the urgent steps to decarbonize the economy, but it is the most difficult to achieve because conventional fuels have very high density.

“Finding non-fossil sustainable resources that can replace these traditional fuels should be the primary objective as we approach the tipping point of the threat of climate change,” Murmu said. “We need rapid, large-scale adoption of new propulsion technologies like electric, hydrogen and hybrid to reduce carbon emissions.”

He said this while addressing a conference organized on the 75th anniversary of the Aeronautical Society of India.

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