Market affected on Diwali in Himachal due to online sales, destructive rains and low apple production

Shimla, Nov 11 (Language) Due to heavy discounts offered by online sites, recent rain-related disasters and low production of apples, there has been a 30-40 per cent decline in the sales of goods before Diwali here. Industry body Vyapar Mandal Shimla gave this information.

Trade Board Shimla President Harjit Kumar Monga told PTI on Saturday, ‘Shopkeepers dealing with traditional goods are the most affected as people are turning to modern goods. “Additionally, heavy discounts offered by online sites, cash payment at doorstep with free exchange within 14 days have had a major impact on the sales of shopkeepers in Shimla and sales have declined by 30-40 per cent.”

He said that a large number of customers visit stores only for the purpose of viewing the available models, and then order them online. Vehicle parking near main markets is also a problem.

“We have to pay additional expenses on staff, rent, electricity, water and other maintenance charges and we cannot match the huge discounts offered by online shopping sites,” the shop owners lamented.

There are about 6,000 business enterprises in Shimla, which provide employment to more than 12,000 people. Half of these enterprises are in the main city.

Inderjit Singh, former president of the trade body Shimla, said that the market has been in a downward trend since demonetization, followed by the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Covid pandemic and now the outbreak of monsoon.

He said, we were expecting good sales on Dhanteras (Friday) and the day went well, but the rains created havoc and people bought essential items and went back.

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