Masaba Gupta criticizes Rameez Raja for laughing at racist comment

Mumbai, November 15 (Language) Fashion designer and actress Masaba Gupta on Wednesday criticized former Pakistan cricketer Rameez Raja for laughing at the racist remarks made against her parents, saying he has no decency.

Rameez Raja was seen laughing loudly at the racist remarks made against former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards and actress Neena Gupta on a Pakistani TV news channel. This two month old video of Raja is being circulated widely on social media these days.

Masaba said in a post on ‘X’, “Dear Rameez Raja, decency in behavior is a quality that very few people have. My father, mother and I have it in abundance. You don’t have it at all. It is sad to see you on national TV in Pakistan laughing at something at which the world stopped laughing about 30 years ago. All three of us are proud of ourselves.”

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