Mayor’s audio exposes Congress, chair game is the biggest religion – Amar, read full news

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Mayor’s audio exposes Congress, chair game is the biggest religion – Amar

Bilaspur – As soon as the BJP government is formed on December 3, the stalled development works in Bilaspur will be back on track. Nava Bilaspur Yuva Bilaspur Yojana has been started to give the city the status of B grade city, Arpapar Municipal Corporation and to develop the city as a full-fledged industrial city and to create new employment opportunities for the youth and to ensure participation of youth in every ward. Will. By fully developing Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, tourism centers will be expanded by restoring the ancient glory of Pali, Khuntaghat and Ratanpur.

By ensuring the utilization of vacant government land, a large commercial corridor will be constructed, in which the business of Bilaspur will expand. Completing all the works of Smart City as quickly as possible with quality, providing drinking water facility to every family, providing electricity 24 hours without cuts, systematically operating the dilapidated transport facilities, fully developed gardens built in all the wards, construction of community buildings. Along with this, the construction of shed for Yoga will be completed and Bilaspur will be made free from hooliganism, drug abuse and money-lending. These things were said by Bilaspur BJP candidate Amar Agarwal, who reached Torva area Hemunagar Railway area for public relations today, during discussion with journalists.

He said that the city MLA was given an opportunity by the people of the city but he could not live up to the trust of the people, the entire responsibility for the stalled development journey of Bilaspur lies with the city MLA. Today the viral audio of the conversation between the city mayor and a former MLA is the dark truth of Congress, in which the city mayor himself is saying, what work has the city MLA done in 5 years? If you tell this, it is a big thing. Today it has been proved that in the race for tickets, the game of money is only limited to grabbing the seat of power. Congress and its representatives have nothing to do with the interests of the public. Congress representatives are happy, the people of the city are distressed. For five years, people felt great lack of leadership in Bilaspur. Traders are feeling cheated, Bilaspur has been made a crime hub. New records of corruption were created during the Congress rule.

Chhattisgarh state is the gift of Atal ji, BJP has created it and only BJP will improve it. He also said that the morale of Congress workers is breaking, the workers have become disillusioned with their own party and this is the reason why Congress workers are joining BJP. Councilor of this area, Ashok Vidhani, former state president of Mahila Morcha, Pooja Vidhani, has said that like every time, this time too BJP will get a historic lead in the assembly elections and Amar Aggarwal will win with huge votes this time. During the election campaign, Mandal President Nimma Jeevani, Suresh Jeevani, Om Jeevani, Deepak Singh Thakur, Chandan Yadav, Nagu Reddy, Raja Goswami, Santosh Singh and a large number of elderly women and BJP workers from all the communities were present.

If you have a daughter then voting is the right option – Shashi

To make BJP win, Mrs. Shashi Amar Aggarwal today reached Ram Nagar and Asfaq Ullah Nagar Masanganj Godpara, Juni Line, Lala Lajpat Rai Nagar area in South Division along with Mahila Morcha for door to door public relations campaign. Women told Mrs. Aggarwal during public relations that increasing crime in Bilaspur, falling level of education and health are the biggest challenges for the growing Bilaspur. The government had promised to ban liquor, but did not fulfill it. The young generation is ruining its future instead of building a career in drugs.

Mrs. Shashi Aggarwal and officials of Mahila Morcha said that the selection of such public representatives who are strong, sensitive and can live up to the public aspirations through the sacrifice of voting in the great festival of democracy on 17th November is the best way to solve the problems, for this, by stamping the lotus seal. Make Bharatiya Janata Party victorious. The daughters of Chhattisgarh will have to come into this with enthusiasm. If you have a daughter then voting is the right option.

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