Meerut girl accused of kidnapping, police termed the incident as suspicious

Meerut, November 20 (Language) In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a class 11 student alleged that people in a car kidnapped her in broad daylight. However, the police is considering this incident as “suspicious”.

According to the police, the preliminary investigation conducted so far has revealed that the incident is suspicious.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Rohit Singh Sajwan, the student and her family reached the police station at around 11 pm on Monday night. The student alleged that some youths in a car kidnapped her, but she somehow escaped from their clutches.

These people had also met the Senior Superintendent of Police in this regard.

According to the police, preliminary investigation into the alleged incident has revealed that the student was “friends” with a youth for some time. This young man had recently stopped talking to the student and started talking to another student.

Police said that the student went for tuition on Monday and her intention was to commit suicide, but she did not do so.

According to the officer, CCTV footage is being scrutinized to verify the veracity of the student’s claims. At present, a detailed investigation is being done in relation to the incident and necessary action is being taken.

Police said it would also be looked into whether the alleged incident was a plot to take revenge from the youth who earlier had a “friendly” relationship with the student.

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