Military officials investigating death of 19 soldiers at awards ceremony: Ukraine |

Kiev, Nov 6 (AP) Ukraine on Monday began questioning officials into the incident in which 19 military personnel were killed in a missile attack by Russia on a ceremony held in honor of soldiers.

The State Bureau of Investigation said it aimed to hold accountable military officials who organized Rocket Forces and Artillery Day, which held Friday’s ceremony near the battle front in Zaporizhia that could have been easily monitored by Russian drones.

Regarding the incident, Ukrainians on social media are criticizing the plan to hold the ceremony near the war front. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed regret, saying “this accident could have been avoided” at a ceremony marking Rocket Forces and Artillery Day by Zakarpattia’s 128th Mountain Warfare Brigade.

The announcement of the investigation came as officials said a Russian drone and missile attack in Odessa has injured eight people and damaged an art museum that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Odessa National Art Museum reported that seven exhibits were damaged in the attack and a large crater was left outside the museum. The museum is celebrating its 124th foundation day. Damaged by the Russian attack, the exhibitions displayed mostly works by contemporary Ukrainian artists.

Pictures and videos of the attack on the Odessa museum have emerged, showing some paintings lying on the ground and debris in the galleries.

The attack came after Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that Ukraine had hit a cruise missile targeting the Zaliv dock in the city of Kerch in the eastern part of the Moscow-occupied Crimea peninsula, damaging one of its warships.

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