MLA did not do development work…Rural women will not vote…This time MLA will change

Rural women have said that they will not vote if there is no development work in Lakhanpur development block. So this time other villagers have talked about changing the MLA. The whole matter is of Sacharghat of Turga, a dependent village of Chodeya village of Lakhanpur development block of Lundra assembly constituency. About 30 families of Pando and Oraon communities reside in Rath. It was told by the villagers that during the last five-year elections, the former MLA had given assurance of getting rid of the basic problems including roads. After winning the elections, leave alone getting rid of the problems, he did not even come to meet the villagers, due to which there is a lot of resentment among the villagers. While women talked about not voting if there is no development, other villagers talked about changing the MLA. Pando woman, who is said to be the adopted son of the President, said that due to lack of road, ambulances are not able to reach and pregnant women and patients have to be carried 2 kilometers along the main road with the help of Kanwar. Teachers posted in primary schools have to face a lot of problems while children are traveling to and from school. Due to which the education of children is also affected. Some villagers do not even know who their MLA is; they have not even seen their MLA till date. So village development is a very distant thing. Regional MLAs talk about development work in their areas but development on the ground is far away.

Application given twice for road construction

An application was given by the local villagers to the Surguja Collector for building about 2 kilometer road from Turga to Sachar Ghat, but till date the road has not been built. In the last assembly elections, the MLA had assured to do development work including building roads. But till date the road has not been built and the villagers, children and teachers have to face a lot of problems while commuting on the bumpy road to collect ration, transport patients. We will have to seek help from outside to see when this road can be built or the villagers will have to travel through rough roads.

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