NCCF will sell onion at a concessional rate of Rs 25 per kg in other states also.

New Delhi, November 3 (Language) Cooperative institute NCCF said on Friday that apart from Delhi and surrounding areas, it will retail onions in other states also at a concessional rate of Rs 25 per kg. The aim of this initiative is to provide relief to consumers from high onion prices.

On behalf of the central government, the National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India (NCCF) started retail sale of onions at subsidized rates at 100 different locations in and around Delhi from September 9.

“Apart from Delhi-NCR, we have expanded our onion sales coverage to all states from Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala,” NCCF said in a statement.

The cooperative institution has been selling onions online through the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform through Paytm, MagicPin and MyStore in Srinagar, Jaipur, Varanasi and Delhi-NCR for the last two weeks.

It said that so far 416 vans are in operation and 2,219.61 tonnes of onions have been sold in the retail markets.

The retail price of onion has reached Rs 80 per kg in different parts of the country in the last two weeks amid delay in arrival of the new crop and hoarding of the old crop by traders.

NCCF is selling onions from the government’s buffer stock of 5 lakh tonnes for the current year.

The all-India average retail price of onion was Rs 59.56 per kg on Friday. In this, the maximum rate was Rs 88 per kg and the minimum rate was Rs 18 per kg. According to government data, the retail price of onion in Delhi was Rs 75 per kg.

The government recently fixed the minimum export price (MEP) on onion till the end of December to improve domestic availability and curb price rise.

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