Nearly 97,000 Indians arrested for trying to enter the country illegally in one year: America

Washington, November 3 (Language) A record 96,917 Indians have been arrested in the US for illegally crossing the border between October 2022 and September 2023. This information has been received from the latest data of the US Customs and Border Protection (UCBP) department.

The number of Indians caught crossing the US border illegally has increased five times compared to previous years.

According to the data, 19,883 Indians were caught in 2019-20. 30,662 Indians were arrested in 2020-21 while the number was 63,927 in 2021-22.

Of the 96,917 Indians arrested from October 2022 to September this year, 30,010 were caught at the Canadian border and 41,770 at the border with Mexico. 84,000 Indian adults came to the US illegally in FY 2023. 730 minors are also included among those arrested.

The fiscal year of the US government runs from October 1 to September 30.

Meanwhile, Senator James Lankford said in the Senate on Thursday that these people take flights about four times from countries like France to reach Mexico and then board buses to reach the border with the help of gangs. Bus arrangements are made by gangs only.

“So far this year, we have received 45,000 people from India who have crossed our southern border,” Lankford said. They say they feel afraid in their own country.”


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