Nepal earthquake affected people face the challenge of getting life back on track.

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Jajarkot, November 5 (Language) Residents of Jajarkot district, which was most affected by Friday’s earthquake in Nepal, are facing the challenge of rebuilding their homes and getting their lives back on track.

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Nepal just before midnight Friday, killing 157 people and injuring more than 250 others.

Thousands of villagers in north-western Nepal spent Saturday night outside their homes in the bitter cold. Locals used whatever materials they could find, including plastic sheets and old clothes, to build makeshift shelters to keep themselves warm throughout the night.

Romit KC, a resident of Raut village, said, “The condition of the house is very bad. Cracks have appeared. Everyone is sitting outside their homes. Here four people of the same family died. In another village, six members of the same family died.

People remembered the horror of the earthquake night.

Another resident of the village said, “The houses which were old and made of mud in the traditional style have been damaged. Whereas the houses which were made of RCC have not been damaged at all.

As relief and rescue operations progress, the focus has now shifted to rehabilitation of people whose houses have been damaged.

People who have nowhere else to go are doing daily household work like cooking in the open area with the help of whatever resources they have available.

A 200-year-old house was reduced to debris in Matal Thebal village of Jajarkot.

A volunteer at the relief camp in Matal Thebal village said that their focus is now on the rehabilitation of the affected people and they are preparing to provide relief to the people in the extreme cold.

Rescue workers rushed to provide aid, but their efforts were hampered by the fact that many mountain villages were accessible only on foot. Roads were blocked due to landslides caused by the earthquake.

A worker engaged in rescue operations said, “Youth, Nepal Army, APF team – we are busy in the earthquake affected areas. Youth and social workers are involved in helping people from the affected houses.

“Relief work is going on,” he said. The people who have been rescued are being referred outside the district so that they can get necessary facilities. People have lost their homes. They are living their lives on the streets.

People in earthquake affected areas are in urgent need of tents, blankets and food items and many NGOs have come forward to provide relief to the affected people.

In this regard, a camp organizer said, “We are providing relief to those who have been affected. Arrangements have been made and assistance is being provided to the people. Data is being collected and the list is being prepared. We have made arrangements for the affected people in all the districts.


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