Netanyahu rejects growing demands for ceasefire.

Deir al-Balah (Gaza Strip), November 12 (AP) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday rejected the growing international appeal for a ceasefire. He said Israel’s fight to crush Hamas extremists ruling the Gaza Strip will continue with “full force”.

In a televised address, Netanyahu made it clear that a ceasefire was possible only if 239 people held hostage by militants in Gaza were released.

He stressed that Gaza would be demilitarized after the war and Israel would maintain its security control over the territory. This stance contrasts with the views expressed by Israel’s closest ally, the United States, regarding post-war scenarios. America had said that it opposes the re-occupation of the area by Israel.

Asked what he meant by security controls, Netanyahu said Israeli forces should be able to enter Gaza when necessary to capture militants.

Doctors at Gaza’s largest hospital said a premature baby, a baby in an incubator and four other patients had died after the territory’s last generator ran out of fuel. After this statement of the doctors, the pressure on Israel for ceasefire is increasing. Thousands of war-injured people, medical workers and displaced civilians are trapped in the war zone.

In fact, Israel has portrayed Shifa Hospital as the main command post of Hamas, saying that terrorists are using civilians there as shields and have built bunkers beneath it. However, this claim has been denied by Hamas as well as the Shifa administration. In recent days, fighting has intensified near Shifa and other hospitals in northern Gaza, disrupting essential supplies there.

“There is no electricity,” Shifa director Mohammed Abu Selmiya said, speaking by phone amid the sounds of gunfire and explosions. Medical equipment has stopped. Patients, especially those kept in intensive care units, have started dying.

Abu Selmiya said Israeli soldiers were ‘shooting anyone outside or inside the hospital’ and had blocked movement between buildings in the complex.

The Israeli military confirmed a clash outside the hospital, but Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari denied that Shifa was under siege. He said that the soldiers will help in transferring the babies being treated at Shifa on Sunday. “We are talking directly and regularly with hospital staff,” Hagari claimed.

Amos Yadlin, former head of Israel’s military intelligence, told Channel 12 that since Israel’s goal is to crush Hamas, it will be important to take control of hospitals, but in the meantime, patients, other civilians and Israeli hostages should not be harmed. , It will also require “a lot of strategic creativity”.

AP Parul Khari


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