Next round of talks between India, Britain on free trade agreement expected soon

New Delhi, November 14 (Language) The next round of talks is expected to take place soon between the chief negotiators for the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and Britain.

Giving this information, an official said that during the talks, efforts will be made to resolve differences on issues like vehicles, medical equipment and movement of professionals.

He said that the British team can come here for the 14th round of talks.

“Talks are in progress through video conference,” the official said on condition of anonymity. But we are planning a full round of talks. During this, both the sides will discuss all the chapters. Around 60-70 sessions will take place parallelly.”

He said the issues that need to be addressed include intellectual property rights (IPR), social security settlement, duty concessions on electric vehicles, Scotch whisky, lamb meat, chocolates and some sweets, liberalization in service sectors like banking and insurance. Are.

Negotiations on the proposed Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) are also progressing. This is being negotiated as a separate agreement between India and Britain.

These treaties help to promote and protect mutual investments. There are differences regarding the system of settlement of disputes in this agreement.

India has proposed to exhaust all local judicial remedies for settlement of disputes before initiating international arbitration.

Bhasha Pandey Ajay


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